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Private Lessons  

Lamberts Private Teachers - Helping You Reach Your Musical Dreams

Whatever the goal or reason you have chosen to play an instrument.  Our Lesson program can help you achieve that goal.  There are so many benefits to playing a musical instrument you could spend hours talking about them....Learning a creative skill, with the satisfaction and discipline you get from it, increasing concentration, reducing stress, the social benefits of group playing...all these and more!

Personal Expression

Playing a musical instrument is a thoroughly personal experience that allows you to share your individuality with others.  No one will ever play quite like you.  Whether you play in church or in a Rock Band, alone in your room or in a coliseum, your voice on your instrument is unique. 

Types of Lessons Offered

Piano                Voice

Guitar (Acoustic, Electric, Classical)

Percussion       Keyboard

Drum Set         Clarinet

Flute                  Saxophone


Faculty Bios (click here)

Tuition: $20.00 one time registration Fee

Fee is:  15.00 per 1/2hr lesson.

Paid monthly in advance.  All fees paid to Lamberts Music Center on the first lesson of the month.  There are no tuition refunds for lessons not taken. 

4 week month - $60.00

5 week month - $75.00

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