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Adult Keyboard, Organ, ClassLowrey Is Fun and Easy

Easy Keyboard classes for adults are fun and easy as pointing your finger. We have group classes where you can meet people, learn music, have fun and feel a sense of accomplishment at your first lesson.  Classes from beginner to intermediate and beyond are available.  The Lowrey Magic course is designed with the hobby player in mind who wants to make music immediately without years of training our music theory. Classes are during the day and last no more than 1 hour per week. 

Making Music Is Just Plain Fun

It's surprising how many Lowrey owners talk about the 'after effects' of making music - feeling better, smiling more, feeling more accomplished, making new friends, helping others in their communities through music, feeling happier and more joyful… Imagine a group of family and friends getting together once or twice a week doing what they always dreamed of– making music!

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Music and Wellness

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