Easy One

Lowrey Easy One Keyboard Instrument

This is the Lowrey easy one! The easy - to - learn - to play keyboard instrument

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Easy Two

Lowrey EZ 2

This is the Lowrey EZ 2. The step up keyboard from the EZ 1. Click on the photo for more.

Easy Four


The easy 4 is the first dual keyboard instrument in the Lowrey Virtual Orchestras!


Lowrey Journey

Enjoy many of the benefits of the Virtual Orchestras from elite models in this Spinet sized instrument. 



The Most advanced in Virtual Orchestra technology in a modest sized cabinet!

Big features in a smaller size. 


Lowrey Marquee

The most advanced flagship model of the Lowrey Virtual Orchestras

Easy Adult Music Classes

Fun and Easy Music Classes

Easy Fun Classes

Lowrey Magic Class lessons are fun and easy for everyone to enjoy playing right away!

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